From the recording Volume I & II

Music & Lyrics by Jimmy Lee Hook. Published by Jimmy Lee Hook Music LLC. All Rights Reserved.


I see children playing in the sand.
I see young lovers walking hand in hand.
I see young athletes performing such amazing feats.
But what they don’t see, when they look at me,

Is that I was young once like them, too.

They say that youth is wasted on the young.
But through the years, I have learned to bite my tongue.
When I see the arrogance or total lack of common sense.
It doesn’t bother me, but what I wish they would see...

Is that I was young once like them, too. I was young once too.

I had my time. I was a lot like you are.
So don’t dismiss me with no respect .
If you think that I don’t understand you, you’re incorrect.
‘Cause I was young once too.

Nobody tells you when you’re no longer young
The years are like a ladder, and we focus on each rung.
But that doesn’t mean that we were never green
Or we were never strong, or just plain obscene.

So what I wish you knew,
Is that yesterday I could do the things that you can do.
And that I was young once too.