1. When I Sing

From the recording Volume I & II

Music & Lyrics by Jimmy Lee Hook. Published by Jimmy Lee Hook Music LLC. All Rights Reserved.


I’ve been thinking about tomorrow, but finally living for today.
I found perspective in my sorrow, and the sins of yesterday.

I’ve conquered demons of a haunted soul,
That would’ve crushed a king.
That only happens when I sing.

I’ve lived the dream of every pauper,
But I’ve paid the price along the way.
When lady luck frowned, fate would stop her.
And she still smiles on me today.

I’ve tamed the dragon of a painful past. And now I ride its wing.
That only happens when I sing.
That only happens when I sing

Now every moment is a blessing, And a chance for me to try
To live in peace with my redemption, Until, it’s time to say goodbye.

In my history there are lessons,
That I’ve finally learned to heed.
And though my back’s been slashed and wounded,
I no longer bleed.

Still have the passion of a heart on fire,
But without the sting.
That only happens, that only happens, that only happens,
When I sing.