From the recording Volume I & II

Music & Lyrics by Jimmy Lee Hook. © ℗ 2020 James Lee Hook, Published by Jimmy Lee Hook Music LLC. All Rights Reserved.


This is my home, though I don't get back to see it much.
This is my home, the arms that held my life and such.

Fireworks on the Fourth of July.
The pretty girls who caught my eye.
The street on which my dad would die.
Is here, in my home.......
This is my home. The alleys I would run at night.
This is my home, where I learned to run, and learned to fight.

Titanium, and beer and steel.
Where everyone knows everyone's deal.
Tough yet safe, yeah, that's the feel.
Right here, in my home.

We all want to leave it, and we cannot believe it when we find ourselves back home.
From the places we travel and the vistas that we roam.
Then we have this communion, this blessed reunion until we say shalom.
Until the next time we meet, right here on the street. In my home.

This is my home, so good to be back with you all.
This is my home, what a turn out for town this small.

It changes, yet it stays the same, Memorial with my grandpap's name.
Friday night's that football game. Right here in my home.

This is my home. This is your home. This is our home.